How to Set Up LCD Video Walls Instructions

LCD Video Walls Installation

1)   Installation position

The selected installation wall should be flat and load bearing wall with anti-static design, because video walls always has large volume and weight.

2)   System Cabling

In accordance with project site condition and video walls position, different power cable and signal cable can be calculated to prepare for project demand. Besides, the signal cable and video signal cable couldn’t be mixed to implement.

3)   Surrounding Lighting Environment.

As brightness of video walls has limited range, the front of video walls couldn’t install strong light in case it has negative influence on video walls monitor, the drum-type lamp can be applied to installation. Moreover, the window is nearby to video walls, which should be kept out.

4)   Air-Conditioning

It is required to install air condition at maintenance space in order to maintain good air-conditioning. The air out position should be far from video walls ,roughly 1 meter. Furthermore, air out couldn’t blow on equipment directly in case screen defective due to uneven heating.

5)   Video Walls Frame.

Video walls frame should be left 25mm-35mm for each sides, covered edge strip should be embedded 10mm into monitor frame. The maintenance channel should be at least 1.2-1.5m. After complete video walls frame and monitor, then removable covered edge strip was installed finally. It is convenient to carry out daily maintenance.

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